40mm Gun.

The darnedest thing has been happening, citizens! Many things happen around the offices of GO! Tower that are not very darned, but this is fairly darned. For the second time in precisely a little while, the Phil Are GO! email server has been nearly DDOSed by a massive flood of one email from a reader doing his own whimsical Photoshoppery to one of our images. John has sent us a picto-caption of the walkie-talkies picture we ran on Febulary 27nd, as a follow-up to his infernification of the Renault Dauphine. If I need to take a week off, it's good to know these pictures needn't go unjoked, thanks to the efforts of this John guy. Observe.
Click for big.

Take THAT, old promotional material from 1961! Maybe you'll think twice next time before you publish pictures that may be construed as funny in fifty years.

Speaking of that, here's some more of that. On to today's picto-post...

Joke #1 - Gunner's Mate Bergstroff didn't mind manning the 40mm gun. It was fine. He just pined for something a little... sigh... a little more "girthy".

Joke #2 - He didn't think anyone was watching, but later, Gunner's Mate Bergstroff would find himself court martialed for Gross Misuse of Navy Property.

Joke #3 - The newly de-classified photograph that started all the stereotypes about sailors.

Joke #4 - A Gunner's Mate taking his rank a little too literally.

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Mat Black said...

Sadly, the seaman's prosthetic replacement proved beyond all doubt that "bigger is not always better".

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