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Lee Snow say...

Hello, dear,

How are you?

We got to know from your website that you are professional in auto spare parts.
We believe you have more requirements for the jump starter for the cars, right?
Following we are very glad to introduce our hot-sell items for you briefly:
Hope it would be much workable for your sales!

1. 12V Car Jump Starter ----Ensure your cars be always powerful ( Car Emergency Power Supply).
2. 5V/1A & 5V/2A USB Output ----Ensure your cellphone/5V device always powerful.
With 1-3/1-4 Cellphone charger transformer (iPhone, Android, PSP, Tablet, iPad)
3. LED illumination----No worry no lighting around you anytime

With one device, it has so many features:

The features are as following:
1. Home Charger and Car Charger are both available.
2. With Anti-Short Circuit and reverse charge proection clamps.
3. Short charging time: 3-6 hours!
4. Endure extreme cold weather: -20℃-60℃
5. Super cycle-times :>1000times
6. Ultra-Thin: 25mm.
7. Super Peak Current: 400A.
Would you have any interest to get more details to reference? We are sure to provide better price with you!
Hope it would be workable for your market!

For any questions, please let us know freely!
Welcome your sample order testing!

Thanks and best wishes,
Snow Lee

Dear Lee Snow,

Gronk thank you for letter. Gronk glad you concerned about Gronk power, but also kind of insulted, because why you think Gronk not powerful? Other day, Gronk punch right through carton of Yoo-Hoo chocolate flavored soda at convenience store. Store not have Yoo-Hoo on shelf. Only have new shipment in carton. Not yet stock shelf. Store hoo-man was helping other hoo-man choose right size control-top pantyhose, so Gronk on Gronk own. Long story short, Gronk find way into carton of Yoo-Hoo! Grah hah hah hah hah hah!

Gronk have power. You know nothing, Lee Snow.

Me Gronk.

Wendy Wang say...

My Dear

Nice day!
How are you ?

This is wendy from xinxiang yulong textile company, glad to contact with you.
Our factory has the 12 years of export experience in functional industry with passed BV authentication, we have own the dyeing factory and garment factory.

Main products
n 100% cotton flame retardant fabric
n Cotton/nylon flame retardant fabric
n CVC flame retardant fabric
n Fluorescent fabric/high visibility fabric
n Antistatic fabric
n Anti uv fabric
n Water & oil repellent fabric, Teflon fabric
n Anti acid & alkali fabric
n Modacrylic FR fabric
n Nomex/Kevlar/aramid fabric
n FR multi-functional workwear fabric
n Protective workwears: flame retardant coverall, fire retardant suit, high visibility jacket, safety vest, trousers, pants & bib pants.
Certification: EN471,EN20471,EN11611,EN11612,EN14116,NFPA2112,CGSB155,ASTM1506,EN1149-1/3

Thanks & Best Regards

Wendy Wang


Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., LTD

No.103,Jinsui Road,Xinxiang City,
Henan Province,China
skype: wendyyulong

Gronk thank Wendy Wang for letter. Gronk think Wendy fabric experience very impressive, but Gronk just not ready for relationship right now. Gronk have the twelve month of dating experience with unsuitable person.

n Not secure to let Gronk have time to self every now and then.
n Always nag and complain. Nothing ever good enough.
n Never appreciate what Gronk do for her, sacrifice for her, even though Gronk exhausted.
n Always have unrealistic assumption about Gronk money.

Gronk sorry for lead you on. However, Gronk maybe curious about safety trousers. Can Wendy Wang send safety trouser sample? Gronk like safety in trousers.

Me Gronk.

Yuka Liang say...

.Await your response,
I av an official.Message for you.

Gronk thank Yuka for letter. Gronk think Yuka have strange love of dots. ".You.see what.Gronk mean? ." Gronk think maybe if Gronk respond, Mrs. Yuka send email just full of dot and a couple word, then ask Gronk for help transfer big fake money from offshore account, and just need few thousand moneys for processing fee.

Gronk have your response right here. You bite Gronk.

Me Gronk.

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