Spencer Gifts, 1964

Spencer Gifts wasn't always in the business of selling vitally important necessities to teens. They used to sell vitally important necessities to old people, too! Let's explore together!

Rendered in finest plastic, Jesus and his fifteen original disciples... not those fake ones they told you about in Church. All your favorites are here, like Huey, Kung Fu Jake, Sleepy, Sneaky Pete, Battle Damage Kathy, Chunky Lou, The Sarge, Old Smokey, Stoney Ira, Patches, Data, Betty Boop, IG-88, Destro, Droopy, and Zeppo. 

 Thrill girls. Dolls of all twelve nations, even the "ethnic" ones!

Musical jump rope combines all the fun of jumping, roping, music, and having your hands
licked by clowns. Every child's dream toy.

Toy phone repeats everything your child says. Helps her hear that annoying way she pronounces
the letter "L". You know darn well it's the only way she'll learn.

Slide rule tie clip really works! But when you take it off to prove something, your tie will be flapping all over the place. You'll never get laid that way!

Teach your child to do the erotic fan dance with this fun personalized towel. Perfect for boy,
girl, or "Bobby".


Jim D. said...

Who knew? Mary Tyler Moore got her start as a jump rope model.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Oh, Roooobbb!

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