Dania's Billboard - Aaaarg, such a sale!

Have you seen the billboards advertising Dania Furniture's sale? They seem pretty excited about it, and they seem to want us to be really excited about it. In fact, their ads imply that we will love their sale so much that we may suffer a case of spontaneous cherubism and go full Robert Zdar. See?

It's great that cherubism sufferers can still have careers in modeling, but Dania seems to imply that we might contract the disorder via huge savings. This is untrue. Cherubism is inherited genetically, and cannot be transmitted through amazing bargains. If one or both of your parents are an amazing bargain, well, chances are higher that you'll develop it.

Robert Zdar, Yes, that's his real face.
Dania has showrooms across the country, but they seem especially thick on the ground here in Chicago.  If you think you may accidentally shop there, feel free to save as much as you want. There is little to no risk that you'll become Robert Zdar.

If Dania wants to avoid confusion, they'll re-design their ad. Here, let me get that for you. This one's on the house...


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