Ed Roth's Outlaw Hot Rod

A loyal staffer dropped this two-page spread on my desk this morning, knowing my love of 1960's hot rods. Well done, whateveryournameis. That's why I pay you however much I pay you.

Building hot rods used to be a "from scratch" sort of thing. The current trend in hot rod fabrication (as can be seen on the many car mod programs) mostly consists of this: 1) Pick car. 2) Fix rust. 3) Slam suspension. 4) Bolt on some ghettotastic wagon wheels with one millimeter of tire stretched around them.

Ed Roth was one of the big names on the west coast car scene in the Sixties, and his designs were always berserk and had a good sense of humor. The Outlaw was his first experiment with the new miracle material, fiberglass. Here is Mechanix Illustrated's two page story on the Outlaw from 1960.

Caption: "PROUD OWNER Ed Roth designed and built the door-less Outlaw. Front wheels are converted motorcycle wheels with extra-strong spokes for added safety." Yes, safety. Good thing he made the car totally safe with those spokes.

Good news, everyone! The Outlaw is still around. Here's a nice color photo. I have to say I like the colors he chose.


Michelle_Randy said...

Sharp! My FIL is a big Ed Roth fan. My husband and I have tried hard a couple of Pointy Tree Days to find him some of the caricatures he did, like Rat Fink

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