Mixing product.

Joke #1 - "Hold on a second. YOU added one molecule of actual ingredient to our bucket of ordinary water? But I already added the molecule! It's two times too strong! Our homeopathic cure-all is ruined! We'll have to throw it out and start over!"

Joke #2 - "Uuh, Sandra, unless your hand spent a few hours in an autoclave, you probably shouldn't be using it to mix the tonic. I was at the party last night, too."

Joke #3 - "Weird. When my grandpa made moonshine, it wasn't so thick... and sizzly... and 'hand melty'."

Joke #4 - "So, if we're taking another company's milk, and putting it in smaller bottles, and selling it as our own product, we're a dairy farm, right? Just like the way rappers are musicians?"

Joke #5 - "Man, zoos will pay a fortune for this stuff. Goodbye, student loans! Hey Sandra, where on Earth did you get nine gallons of elephant semen anyway?"

Joke #6 is an enlightened, broad-minded offering from Steve Miller. Thanks, Steve! - "Shut up and kiss me, you fool!"

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Steve Miller said...

Girl #2, gazing at girl # 1, is thinking: "Shut up and kiss me, you fool!"

(We can talk about this now in this new, modern age, can't we?)

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