The rocket call.

 Joke #1 - "Hello, Sarge? Oh, fine, thanks. Hey... can you, uuh, maybe find the disarm codes for the warheads in eight, seven, six, five..."

Joke #2 - "Hyello, comrade supervisor officer. Would please like to be picked up from secret undercover U.S. missile base undercover hiding location very very quickly, please."

Joke #3 - "A technician will come to my house to fix my internet service within six hours, as if I have nothing better to do today than sit here waiting for you? I have a better idea. You've got four minutes."

Joke #4 - What your wireless provider is really doing with your location data.

Joke #5 - "Could you maybe give me something a little more specific than 'Head West and take a right at South Korea'?"

Joke #6 - Having settled their differences and ideological squabbles, the nations of the world came together to launch a joint attack on the most dangerous rogue state in the world and the only remaining obstacle to universal freedom and eternal world peace: Comcast.

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