Feet Up - Reader Submissions!

Good news, everyone! Well, not everyone. just me, really. Good news, me! We've had so many reader image submissions that I can put my feet up on the desk and take the morning off. Have a look at these images for the thirsty eye...

Alert reader Joe sent us these baffling photos of yesterthen. Apparently the military was so infatuated with their new toy, the atomic bomb, that they crowned some girl Miss Atomic. Tee hee! Such fun! Oh, that mischevous military-industrial complex. What won't they get up to next?

Then there's this whiskey vending machine from some kind of place or time. It's so old, it was taken in the time before "whiskey" grew it's "E". Distilled drinks are so cute at that age. Thanks for the pictures, Joe!

Next, we have some work from Alert reader John, who basically did what I should have done if I were always on my toes. He's keep on recreational Photoshop, and he's pulled those frolicking children from Neighbors and Helpers and provided them as PNGs on transparent backgrounds! They're all ready for you to drop them over whatever background seems most appropriate. As a serving suggestion, John has chosen demilitarized Detroit as a nice setting. Well done, John! I ought to pay you, and then double whatever I'm paying you. Sadly, there was a problem with the PNG of the kids with the swing, so if you can re-send that to our email, we'll post that one too. Thanks John!


Michelle_Randy said...

LOL, is that background on the last from Detroit? I think it looks familiar!

Steve Miller said...

Whisky may also be spelled "whiskey," depending on its style or source. Either way, I am much in favor of the vending machine.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Michelle: Yep. Those are Detroit. John said as much in his email to us. Good eye!
Steve: Good to know. Thanks, Steve! I may try getting into Whiskey. Got a recommended brand?


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