Good Decorating, Section Number D - Doing your bedroom.

It's still spring, decorators! Let's look at some fun bedroom ideas and help put some sproing into spring! All your bedroom visitors will want to come again, thanks to these sassy and very bourgeios boudoirs from 1970! Wee wee, madame!

This bedroom is so bright and cheery! But you won't have any trouble sleeping, because the Persian lattice divider not only sort of conceals your sweatier activities from your visitors. It also filters the red glow of the carpet into hundreds of blood red crosses projected onto the walls and ceiling of your sleeping area!

These curtains are trying to steal the show, with their royal blue and gold presentation, but the wallpaper doesn't give up without a fight! Those blue and gold stripes come out swinging! Look out, curtains! In a fight this glamorous, the only winner is the lucky prince who gets to sleep in this bedroom! Chair cover by Ringmaster Ned. Bedspread by Century 21 Realty.

It won't be spring forever, and this bedroom will be a cozy place to cuddle up, or just stare at the wall, thanks to the handy fireplace and/or incinerator. Just throw your favorite plant in the incinerator and 'scuse you while you kiss the sky!

This happy, happy, HAPPY bedroom concept is a great way to repurpose all the clown pants from that
one summer you spent at the Orlando Clown College. Looks like someone majored in stripes, with a
minor in flowers!

Light is important in a bedroom. You've got to stop it from waking you up! This Deep blue bedroom
has shutters all over the place, to give you the feeling that you've locked the world inside the room
outside your room. Wooden rooster by Uncle Clucky's Chicken Hut. Wallpaper insert by La-Z-Boy.

This nautically-themed bedroom brings the mysteries of the deep to your inner sanctum. The deepest
blue contrasts playfully with the paneling recovered from the wreck of the Andrea Dorea. There are
enough towels for all eight of your arms, too! You can dry off after your shower while you admire the
fine art hand tentacle-painted by your Lord and master Cthulhu! Say good-bye to the Mountain of


Michelle_Randy said...

Why, there's nothing horrifying about that last photo at all. Nope, nuthin' at all. The disembodied, ghostly heads won't bother me at all while I sleep.

Also, you missed the obvious joke in the curtain/wallpaper fight: It's gonna be curtains for those curtains!

Jim D. said...

Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

These old books are some very low hanging joke fruit. The jokes trip over each other flooding out of my mind. Sometimes, we simply cannot make all the jokes.

The curtains joke? I feel like I should have thought of that one. Hell.


Mat Black said...

Was that painted for an episode of the Night Gallery?

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