Good Decorating, Section Number E - Can't stay out of the bedroom.

You know what, fellow decorators? There are just too many great bedroom ideas to fit them into just one picto-post. That's why we're bringing you some more sensational designs! Get ready to our tyem into your thirsty eye-holes! Let's totally decorate the place!

First, this bedroom makes up for its restrained use of color (just a bright red bed) with it's fashion-forward carpet that goes right up the wall! You'll think you've died and gone to custom-van heaven! The pelvic-height pendant lamp and custom zebra ceiling make you feel ten feet tall, while the bed shelf makes every morning a knee-capping fun frolic!

Hey, ceramic head! Whatt'ya in for? Too much fun, that's what! This naughty prison-themed concept from the Groovy State Correctional System combines cozy clutter and tropical foliage for a fun prison fantasy that will have you simply begging for an extended sentence! Tell the warden you've been bad!

This boy's room design brings all the fun of ladders to everyday life! Who would want to ever get up when a book-laden shelf is sixteen inches above your head? Best to climb down carefully like mommy says. The wicker stools allow fluids to run down to the concrete floor for easy drainage, making boy-raising a snap!

Every boy needs art, and this room features the masterful woodcut "Crash of the H.M.S. Perspective on the Al Dente Sea". Set sail for adventure at the bottom of a carb-heavy ocean!
What do you do when your walls are a boring color like white? Go with primary colors everywhere else, silly! Don't miss the handy kitchen counters for never-leave-the-room convenience!

This bedroom is ready for you, no matter your faith.

There's Bloody Mary...

...and Saint Poquito Plendido on his Magic Pony...

...Wiggy Love-Grimace...

...and Super Rave Jesus! Don't make me choose just one! Each sold separately.


Michelle_Randy said...

I think my grandma had those some odd fabric (?) blinds from the Prison Bedroom on her sun porch.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Happily, those are least baffling thing in that picture.


Steve Miller said...

Well, I do like the radio in the Boy's Bedroom. The rest of this post has caused severe retinal damage.

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