Little Ads - Planning your entire life.

Labor day is over. It's time to get back to work. What work? These works! Popular Mechanics has enough careers for you to plan out the rest of your life.

Before you learn the secrets of the "samurai suicide warriors" (hint: it's killing yourself and letting the guilt tear your enemies apart), consider that the information in the 35¢ pamphlet is a year out of date (surplus 1960 printing). The Oxford Studio is prepared to teach you totally outdated methods of killing yourself. Caveat emptor, baby. There's no telling what could go wrong with your combat suicide.

Your opponents may resent your passive-aggressive suicide combat techniques, and beat the crap out of you anyway. Learn to put your teeth back in with a fulfilling career in Dental Mechanicry. Richard Kiel endorses the program.

Crime detection. Gun not included. Hand possibly included.

This ad confirms what we all suspected about attorneys. They're taught with "law-free books".


Parker said...

And you can find a full scan of A Law Trained Man at archive.org: https://archive.org/details/lawtrainedman00werm

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