Popular Mechanics - Science Bryce.

Guess who advertised in Popular Mechanics. Popular Mechanics! This 1961 ad features a terrific standard issue Eisenhower-era Generic White Man doing science. Using science like this, you could build a garage, make a burglar alarm, or build a bunk bed!

You need this guy, whom we will call Science Bryce, on your hard drive. You can use him to punch up all your best memos and notes. Such memos and notes as...

  • It's your birthday, so I'm making dinner tonight, honey.

  • Good news! My genetic simulacrum is pregnant with our doppleganger! Call the replicants!

  • We're out of coffee again.

  • Whoever took it, please return my bubbling vial of glowing fluid. Urgency: medium.

  • I'm leaving you, Gordon. He's twice the man you are and his name is Dwight... or Yngwe. I haven't decided yet.

We've got a graphic Gift for you, because your experiments came in on time and under budget this morning. His name's Bryce. Science Bryce. He's got an alpha channel background and he's ready to science the place up. Who's your buddy?

Get your rude finger to right click this gent into your privately funded research facility in three, two, one.... RIGHTCLICKNOW!!!!


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