Swan Soap - The baby with the soupwater.

You know how you're always shouting about "What we need around here is some good wash day clip art, godammit!"? Well, first, why all the casual swearing? Second, here's some wash day clip art, courtesy of this 1943 ad from Swan Soap, who were probably the perennial runner-up to Ivory.

"What the hell is 'wash day?'" you might ask, with continued casual swearing. People used to do all their laundry on the same day, back when it was labor-intensive enough to set aside a whole day to take care of it. Interesting, no? Nope. Just true, is all.

The Phil Are GO! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Brigade have clipped some of the art from this ad. So, now it's clip art. If you're from Victorian times, you can probably call it "clipping-art", as in...

"I'll wager that this jaunty missive could be further jauntied with the addition of some whimsical clipping-art. What say you? Fetch up that repository of jibes, japes, and picto-posts, Phil-Are-GO! on the computo-tronica! A witty fellow such a that is sure to have the very thing to make my communique' a real corker!"

Get your rude finger ready to right click these tiny and, as a result, poorly-color-aligned clipping -arts onto you hard drive in three, two, one... RIGHT CLICK NOW!

Woman washing her giant baby, tired after a long day at giant-baby-work.

A happy family enjoying quality time washing dishes, having a shower, and making child soup. all in the same room.

Woman performing skirt-inappropriate splits, holding soaps. Sexy!

Same, without soaps. She just likes being inappropriate. Sexier!

Woman angrily braiding her hair. "Pippy Longstockings? Is that what you like? Will this keep you at home, you bastard?!" Sexy...???


Mat Black said...

Castiles? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castile_soap
I learned more about the history of soap than I ever though possible!

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