NORDAC Electronic Digital Computer - Build your own Pee Cee!

Are you curious about the operations of The Computers? Would you like to discover the basic operations of million dollar commercial computers? NORDAC, mothafuckaaaa!

For only $64.95, or $504.81 in current Futurebucks, you can learn to work on the big rigs build a "personal computer" or "Pee Cee" that can perform fifty thousand operations per second! That's fifty thousand... with a B! Discover whether this wire will make the yellow bulb light up, or the slightly different yellow bulb light up. Then, you will have the power, and the woman, and possibly money, in a maybe different order. But mostly, you will have an illuminated bulb... or the other one.

Primodrial computers love to name themselves "(something)AC". ENIAC, EDVAC, EDSAC (yes, really), BINAC, AVIDAC, SEAC, SWAC, UNIVAC, etc. (Each sold separately). There's no mention in this ad what NORDAC stands for. Maybe it means:

-North American Defense And Cheese
-Numerical Operation Recombinant Arthropod Crumple zone.
-NOrman Rockwell Defense And C.H.U.D.
-Non-Obligatory Rogers Dandy And Crammerstien
-New Orthopedic Routine Doohickey And Computer
- Not Orville Redenbacher Deciduous Adjustible Corn
-Nash Oates REO Duran And Crosby

So what's at 372 Main Street in Watertown Massachusetts now? Let's have a look.

AHA!!! The Maranatha Christian Church! The faithful adherents of Maranathanism await the return of the mighty NORDAC, who will perform fifty thousand calculations and bring swift judgment against all who doubt The Bulb... or the other Bulb.


Michelle_Randy said...

Electronic computers....:crickets:. Versus what other kind?

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Believe it or not, the earliest computers were all mechanical. Charles Babbage is sort of the first person to build a general purpose computational device using gears and stuff. It was bonkers, but it worked. Even before there were electronic ones, there were electro-mechanical and even hydraulic computers. technically, even the Curta pocket calculator was sort of a mechanical computer, and that was designed buy a guy in a German prison camp.


thanks for reading, Michelle!


Jim D. said...

The compulsion to end computer names with "-bac" was so powerful that the inventor the the KENBAK-1, John Blankenbaker, used 6 letters from the middle of his name for his. Please don't ask me how I know this.

Eduporium said...

"So what's at 372 Main Street in Watertown, Massachusetts now?" Well actually... If you come upstairs, above the church... you'll find that the price for a build-it-yourself computer kit has decreased from $64.95 to $59.99. http://bit.ly/1TvrWts and that the bulbs WE light are usually over the heads of K-12 students who are the primary focus of our business. For more information, visit https://www.eduporium.com/about

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