Chicago Engineering Works - Electrical train-ning to-day!

Dear readers, are you tired of your dead-end job in the Horse Trade, or in a Thakery Mill? Well, now that Electricity is invented, you can get in on the new and prosperous industry of Electricity! But first, you need Training. You won't know your shielded wire housing from a two amp fuse without help from L.L. Cooke, Chief Engineer at the Chicago Engineering Works, purveyors of the latest inventotronic wizardry! Observe this Advertisement sheet, ripped from the living pages of the August Nineteen Hundred and Twenty-Eight issue Popular Science Monthly this very morning. Begin your training to-day!

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Michelle_Randy said...

"Two amp fuse" yuk yuk yuk. Oh the oldsters, how did they do it? I guess they weren't running their hot tubs on this.

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