GE Coloramic - The Hue of 1958.

So have you got some of those wi-fi light bulbs that can change color? They're pretty great. The financial barrier of entry is like a punch in the stomach, but after that, living with them is sort of really nice. A mild salve on your two-hundred dollar belly punch is the fact that the LED bulbs should last any number of years. They frikkin better, at that price, or it would be time to get out the rakes and torches for a good old peasant uprising. But guess what? GE had something vaguely kind of the same idea in 1958! GE Coloramic!

Yeah, they were just colored bulbs, and they were only made in a few pastel colors, but considering you were stuck with the color you bought, subtle tints seem like the best bet. They cost less than a dollar, so sticker shock wasn't really an element of your bulb experience if you took the Coloramic plunge.

Here's a handy tip. You know how photographers call sunrise and sunset the "golden hour"? Well, one of the reasons for that is that a warm yellow sort of light coming from a low angle is the most flattering. See, when the sun is high in the sky, you'll get shadows in your eye sockets, and under your cheek bones and stuff, making you look like a skeleton. When light is falling on your face from roughly eye level, those shadows will disappear and your face will look more even and less lumpy. Plus, the gold color of the light makes you look healthier. So, whether you have the fancy LED bulbs of today, or some miraculously surviving Coloramic bulbs in your house, you may find that a gold colored light coming from table lamps, as opposed to overhead light like in a cafeteria, makes you look better than you otherwise would, which is good, considering you're mostly a skeleton wrapped in a meat blanket.

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Michelle_Randy said...

That explains the horror of the overhead CF lights in my bathroom.

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