Sony Walkman 1960

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Anonymous said...

As a newcomer to this informative and historic archive, let me just say, "thank you sir". Thank you for the insightful gaze into our collective souls that technology and cultural design have molded - molded like a sticky wad of silly putty that has been left in a parked car during summer.

And here again, in your latest post, we are treated to that glorious defining moment where "youths" begin to fall in love with that playlisting-ituner-interweb cloudy way to individualize our environment. I can feel the pulsating joy from the youth as he "imagines the music . . .anywhere!" while he listens "privately" by "holding it closer". Closer. Closer - ahhh (is this the original precursor of the earbuds? - closer indeed). And he is truly walking like a man with his well designed utility belt of 6 extra giant "D" batteries. Note too how we see our early media conditioning, preparing us for the constant opening and closing of our apps, running them in the background even as this one does - a "background" that weighs an estimated total of 12.25 lbs (7.5 lbs and 12 total D batteries (@ 4 3/4 lbs) = total 12.25 lbs).

Again, thank you for the service this blog has provided to us historians of "the less pointy end of time's arrow".

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Welcome, please, and thank you for reading.
However! We are at the pointy end of time's arrow: the future! Unless.... you're from the past?
Thanks you come again!


Anonymous said...

You're from the future!?! Well I should have guessed - thank you time-traveler, any recommendations on the job market for my daughter? Will plastic production still be the craze and what about that internet thingy, is it still going strong in the future?

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