Rain-Beau Fishing Line - Bait with cheesecake.

Summertime is here, citizens! Well, maybe it's not literally here, but it's somewhere. And THAT means leisure activities... for those of us who can actually afford to do something on a day off other than sleep in and do laundry! Yeah! Something! For those lucky couple of people, that might mean going fishing, as long as the license fees aren't too bad! Hooray for not too bad!

This Rain-Beau fishing line ad from 1948 is all about trying to figure how to make people look at their ad and get cranked about fish line. In 1948, as far as the people who advertise for fishing equipment were concerned, "people" meant "guys", so wheel out our standard selection of hot chicks. Yeah, that one'll do. She's a bit of all right, man!

Still thinking about fishing line? Nope. Who cares! Look at that babe! Now go and buy some whatever it was. Hooray for whatever it was! Woo! Oh yeah. Fishing Line! Right on! Yeah, let's all go buy some of the fishing line with the good looking dame vaguely associated with it!


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