What is wrong?

Pages lifted directly from How Do We Know?, a disappointingly sensible and worthwhile children's book from 1945, mostly about animals and the natural world. On the cover, two splendid children can be seen feeding a squirrel rare earth magnets, so that he may survive the winter stuck to the side of a dumpster, and once again caper and frolic, come spring.

After spending 27 pages teaching kids about animals, there comes a horrific two-page quiz. These images are unmolested, and exactly as they appear in the book.

"What is wrong?" "What is wrong?" What's wrong is that they didn't even tell them the names of these monstrosities.


Michelle_Randy said...

That Grinning Saberfrog is honestly terrifying.

Mandibles said...

Phil! What the hell!! I just bought this same book from a garage sale last weekend! I was just about to scan some of the exact same pages of the "what's wrong" animals for you too. The cat with flippers is pretty sad. So weird.

Jim D. said...

Grinning Saberfrog is the pupal version of the "merman" in The Cabin in the Woods.

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