Goerlich's Dyna-Glas mufflers - For the ladies.

How's your exhaust note? Okay, how's your car's exhaust note? Do the ladies come running when you throw a few revs into it? No? Then you're not exhausting hard enough! Or, you don't have a Dyna-Glas  muffler! What's wrong with you? Stop having something wrong with you! What are you? Kidding me?

Yes, Goerlich's Dyna-Glas mufflers have jet-age fiber glass packing for that elusive tone that makes women feel all gooey inside. Just look at that illustration! A flock of very fertile women are crowding close around John Q. Everyman's Oldsmobuick, dying to get fertilized by whatever person is driving the car with that gotta-have-it mellow sound. Who will he pick? Who'll be the lucky humpee in the soon to be formed writhing mass of sweaty flesh? Only the back seat will know. And maybe the trunk lid. And probably the passenger side footwell. And a little spot on the headliner will definitely know.

Idealized fantasy drawings don't lie, people! Unless they do. Which is nearly always. You're going to need your own copy of this completely realistic scenario to remind you how important a good exhaust note is, when pulling dames. Good thing the Phil Are GO! Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Squad is here to isolate, desaturate, and contrast this critical piece of totally plausible life advice into a nice, clean clip art, all ready to be right-clicked with your rude finger onto your storage device of choice. Get that naughty finger ready in three, two, one, RIGHTCLICKNOW!!!

You're welcome!


Mat Black said...

Poon will swoon when your car plays our tune.

Mat Black said...
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