Gronk You Answer - Big day three way?

threewaymandy@126.com say...

Dear Manager, Have a nice day. This is mandy from Threeway (Threeway Steel Co., Ltd), we are the top three steel pipe manufacturer in China since 1978, consist of 5 factories. Yearly production capacity of the factory is 2, 000, 000 MT and the work shop covers an area of 56,0000 square meters. If you have any plan to purchase pipelines and OCTG for Oil and Gas, or Water transmission, here is your right choice. We specialize in this field for more than 30 years with good quality as well as best price. 
   Main line of business (including Square hollow section & Circular tubes): 
Our advantages:(1)2000MT per month stock, yearly production capacity 2,000,000 MT.(2)Several production lines, full steel pipe ranges are at your choice.(3)Experienced projects in more than 80 countries, such as Spain, Australia, Singapore, Iran, Nigeria etc.(4)14 steps of quality inspection with professional QC & Test department which is fully supported by the docs requirements.(5) Mill test certification, third party inspection report, relative shipping docs, etc. can be provided.(6)Financial support, various of payment terms will be acceptable, such as L/C, T/T, DP.(7)Full bank supported company with a perfect line of credit “AAAAA”.(8)Perfect protection methods to avoid damage via transportation.
Thanks &Best regards!mandy
Sales Engineer | Industrial Pipe Division | Threeway Steel Co., Ltd |  Changsha City, China

Gronk thank Threewaymandy for inviting Gronk to lay pipe. Gronk glad you interested in tube. However, Gronk sure you very nice person, but Gronk just want be friends. Don't email more, please.

Me Gronk.

Kazuhiro Naya say...

Hi there!
This is Kaz Naya, CEO of the simplest video editing app VIBBIDI. I'm contacting you because I saw your beautiful pictures on Tumblr!
Our mission is to create a global platform to curate stunning videos. We are planning for an official release in late September, but starting this month we are extending an exclusive invitation to users who are already contributing stunning pictures to Tumblr!
We believe that the initial members of our community are key to set the expectations for the quality of our product. Because of this, we are especially particular about the quality of our initial community, and we carry out a strict screening of pictures uploaded onto Tumblr to send invitations to carefully selected users only. We would most definitely love to have you join in the creation of the platform with the most gorgeous videos of the world as one of our founding community members!
VIBBIDI is the optimal app for editing the videos you post on Instagram/Tumblr. You can easily and effectively edit your videos, as shown below. Influential creators from over 100 countries around the world are already using the app, and you are sure to be inspired by their spectacular videos!vibbidi.com/video
Please download the app from here to try it out! It is always free both now and after the official release in late September!
If anything is unclear, or if you have any feedback, feel free to let us hear from you anytime! We at VIBBIDI are looking forward to see your beautiful videos!
Happy editing,Kaz

Gronk thank Kaz for writing. Gronk have pictures on Tumblr, come to think of it. Gronk forgot about Tumblr pictures. One day, Gronk have big day in town. Came home and drew pictures of adventure and post to Tumblr. See?

This picture of Gronk ride bus into town. Bus guy say was okay for Gronk have Slurpee on bus.

Gronk go to "book store". Look at lots books. Man in green sweater vest not like Gronk in store. Stare at Gronk whole time, like Gronk maybe wreck whole place or something. Next time Gronk take business elsewhere.

Then, Gronk testify before Senate Appropriations Committee. Everybody say Gronk have sensible idea about state-level funding for long-overdue infrastructure enhancement. Then Gronk get balloon.

Gronk glad Kazuhiro remind about big fun day. Gronk not feel like being involved in beta test of buggy software. Not interested in testing app for you. Hey! Maybe Kazuhiro want come Gronk house and straighten up book shelves for Gronk? No? Gronk not think so.

Me Gronk.


Mat Black said...

Gronk should introduce 3-way Mandy to Kaz and then see what develops.

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