Ting Cream - "Must satisfy you in a week."

Are you tired of strangers saying "What's that necrotic smell coming from your feet? Are you wearing ham socks?" Me too! Get yourself some Ting!... in 1948.

There's some good clip art to be mined form this ad. Let's get the Phil Are GO! graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Brigade in here to mine those clip arts, stat! PAGGBPB, Assemble!

Pen tool selection... COMPLETE!
New file... COMPLETE!
Paste... COMPLETE!
Desaturate... COMPLETE!
Contrast... COMPLETE!
Paint out inconvenient background... COMPLETE!
Save As... COMPLETE!

First, there's Foot Guy. He's really proud of his toe, and he has Tube Of Goo to thank! Thanks Toe Goo Tube! He's a JPEG, for near universal compatability with whatever janky graphics program you're stuck using on your computer. Even a Tandy knows what to do with a JPEG! We'll get some intern to verify that that last statement is true this afternoon.
 Next, it's Pointing hand. You can never have too many pointing hands to help people know where to look. If you don't have an authoritative hand to tell people what needs attention, they're liable to just look wherever they want. Then where would we be? Correct! We'd be at communists! This one is a PNG on alpha background, so you can point it at whatever you want without the annoying square background to annoy you.

Have some Science being done, won't you? Of course you will... but not if you're a lady, because this is 1948! Your job is to sit nearby and watch, and maybe empty the doctor's ash tray. Know what the doctor is looking at? Really tiny porn on microfiche. This one is a JPEG again.

Just for good measure, and to show 1948 what a dick it is, here are some important women scientists from history that you should know about.

From Smithsonian Magazine, Ten Historic Female Scientists You Should Know:

Then there's this NPR radio story about the women pioneers of computer programming:

Click for big.


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Awesome clip art! Thank you, generous computer-user!

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