Inventions - Amusements for your bemusement.

Toy bullhorn helps children enjoy the fun of shouting, screaming, wailing, howling, yelling, caterwauling, shrieking, yammering, babbling, making a godawful racket, and wearing bow tie. Runs on two D batteries.

Security door chain locks with key, can be installed with screwdriver in minutes, is guaranteed to keep out home invaders weighing less than 94 pounds, but more than 60 pounds, and are unequipped with screwdriver.

Odd Ogg teaches children the importance of playing willingly with anything smiling,with its arms out, and offering toys.

Miracle shoe lights are powered by battery in the heel, help feet clearly see an area fourteen inches in front of feet. Excellent for feet that stay out too late drinking with the boys' feet and want to sneak into bed without waking the wife's feet.


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