Bostitch Stapler Adventures, Issue 3.

Good morning, readers! It's been two years since we saw an issue of Bostitch Stapler Adventures, so this new one must be a real pip! Holy jeez! It's a full page! Let's read!

Inexplicably, our hero Andy Phetamine learns again of the existence of the Bostitch B8 stapler, just like he does every time. He's a jolly fellow, but a little forgetful. The important thing is, he and his wife both love his secretary. That's nice.

Within a few quick panels, Andy's off and learning that staplers exist. Staplers like the Bostitch B8!

Andy learns that it can staple desks, hands, and tacks. Put one in your car and it becomes a car stapler! See how easy?

Soon Andy's up and stapling. His beloved secretary agrees to research further uses for staplers in the file cabinet.

Before long, the grocer agrees never to use hammer and tacks again. We can only assume his house is now held together with staples.

Elsewhere in the supermarket, a boy is stapling cans to the shelf with a trusty B8.

Then, Andy brought home a B8, to open new doors in the Phetamines' relationship, all is based on stapling.

Their house is grey.

Mrs. Phetamine finds all sorts of things to staple. Anne staples plants, window treatments....even clothes!

Randy and Dandy Phetamine learn the fun of stapling too. Dandy repairs a horse, and Randy makes a book for all of his scraps. Gotta collect 'em all, Randy!

You can Bostitch anything!

Shew! This issue was a huge adventure. I'm going to print it out so I can keep it Mint In Bag! You should too!

I'll bet you'd like to have Andy on an alpha channel background, so he can be excited about all sorts of things for you, wouldn't you?

Andy loves the Bostitch B8, but he can reassure you that pretty much anything at all is  just hunky-dorey with his new PNG.

Here's how it works...

See? No worries! You're welcome!

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Michelle_Randy said...

Wow, this is the same guy who probably buys his wife a vacuum for their anniversary. So romantic.

Also what I learned through this is that his secretary is the brains of the outfit.

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