Tareyton Cigarettes - The warmth of a traditional Exmess.

If you're like most people, your childhood memories of happy Christmases are filled with images of your mom in her red velvet Christmas dress, posing on one knee in your blank, featureless living room, lit like a cafeteria. In the background, you may also remember a semi-convincing backdrop of Manhattan, and white painted Christmas tree, and under that tree are cartons and cartons of cigarettes. Aah, memories.

This is Mrs. Charles Amory, a New York and Palm Beach socialite, which means her only skill is being rich.... and picking out the very best Christmas presents for all the lucky people on her Exmess list! Surely all the friends and loved ones of Mrs. Charles Amory could feel the depth and bond of her personal affection with every puff, because discriminating people are discriminating enough to give the same carefully chosen present to everyone indiscriminately.

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Michelle_Randy said...

Cigarettes would have to be the most perfect, ultimate passive-agressive hate gift. "Here's something I know you're addicted to and love, but I hate you and therefore want you to die a painful, lingering death from cancer/emphysema/congestive heart failure."

Michelle_Randy said...

Wow, I just read the article link. The rich ARE different. And not in a way I'd admire.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Yeah, Mrs. Amory seems to have had a bit of a crazy ride in the intervening decades. Good for her.

Ypek said...

Wait. Herbert TAReyton cigarettes? Really?

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