Drummond Sweaters - The perfect gift for your asshole.

Who wants to start their day being annoyed? Right! We all do. Let's be annoyed with Drummond sweaters, courtesy of this ad from the December 1959 issue of Esquire magazine.

These two snappy fellows have just beamed down to an M-class planet to do some light exploring and casual assholing. The man on the left is wearing a fairly conventional sweater, but the guy on the right looks Starfleet fresh! Let's hope his sweater is red. At the moment, they're just being assholes to the lady they brought with them, but the real assholes are the advertising industry of 1959, in which this kind of thing was hunky-dorey.

Please forgive the funky scan. This as ran deep into the groin of the magazine, making scanning difficult. In keeping with our catch-and-release, do-no-harm policy toward vintage materials, we chose not to simply slice the page out of the magazine. So, we let the image suffer so that the magazine itself may be preserved... though, in this case, you may well question that decision. See, since we left the magazine intact, in the distant future, when the apes excavate our civilization, they can find this magazine and understand that truly the beasts were us. You're welcome, future-apes.

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[lrf] said...

And if you're worried you might not be a big enough jagoff, you can always wear a belted sweater. Right, Norfolk.

Jim D said...

May be a trick of perspective, but Ms. M. pointed out that both sweaters are very short-waisted. To the point that she finally concluded: "Those are women's sweaters!"

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