Lifelike Robots to Take Over All Civilization!

Citizens, I hope you are all sitting down, for I have terror-clenching news to turn your blood Cold, and also clench it. A wicked Sculptor in Brooklyn, New York has built a mechanical automaton so completely lifelike that it - and others like it, surely to follow - will take over all forms of entertainment, and, in the ultimate Horror-situation, replace us all!

The machines of the recently-completed Industrial Revolution can do all of the Good Works of a Man, from threshing wheat to threshing children. This robot also replicates the Vital Functions of smoking and also fishing! What is to become of Our Civilization when such miracles such as this robot, which is indistinguishable from a Man in every way, become commonplace? Surely Man's technology has reached a dangerous Perfection. Is this the End of Science?

How will you know when your wife has been replaced with a smoking-and-fishing robot? How will you know when You Yourself have been so replaced? How, indeed, do you know it has not already happened? How???

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MrsBug said...

Somewhere, Charley McCarthy is cackling wickedly, rubbing his creepy little mannequin hands together.

Ypek said...

"The creator of the mechanical man, proposes the use of figures of this type in animated movie cartoons."

Steven Seagal comes to my mind...

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