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For Sample Film and "Special List" send only 10¢ to... Waggly Eyebrows Studios, 1071 El Centro, Hollywood, 38, CAL.

Pakette Radio Co. may not have found their calling in "radio inventing", but they should be placed in charge of naming every product in the world. "Drivey-Movey", "Eato-Foodo", "Stabby-Sharp-Sharp", "Walkie-Footwarm", etc.

Heat can make your body pieces feel good. This is not interesting. The clip art, however, must be shared by all. Please enjoy. You're welcome!


MrsBug said...

That heat applicator looks similar to the device that Ted Cruz/Donald Trump supporters use to remove their brains before listening to their candidate. (Yup, I went there.)

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...



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