Western Pine Association - The jigsaw is up.

So, you're probably sitting there, thinking that laziness was invented a couple of years ago, and that before then, everyone was always really diligent and never cut corners. The Western Pine Association, long understood to be a near-constant volcano of always-new advertising art, is about to get busted wide open. Prepare to have your mind frikkin' blown, kid!

Lumber guys want us to build lots of things with wood. Got it.

But there's naother story here, and we're going to sniff it out. There's something familiar about the art in this ad. This looks like a job for the Phil Are GO! Investigative Reporting Team!. Let's get those guys in here, pronto.

We asked the P.A.G.I.R.T to type "western pine" into the search box on our own blog. When we did, many staffers whipped their glasses off in shock and said "My god, this goes all the way to the top."

Check out this link to our post about the Wetsern Pine Association from almost exactly one year ago. http://phil-are-go.blogspot.com/2015/03/western-pine-association-laundry-lady.html

Whaaaat?????? Art conspiracy exposed!!!

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Let the jig equal up.

Some fat cat at the Western Pine Association HQ got reeeeal creative with the art budget here. He probably paid a staffer to modify the old art to make the laundry lady into a cookout dad. So what did he do with the remaining art budget for the fence ad? There's no guessing, so let's start with some guessing. Those Big Pine Boys like to party, so maybe it went up his nose? Or maybe he spent it on a bunch of plywood hookers? Or maybe he just blew it all on some really expensive Italian pine suits?

One thing's for sure. This crooked little chef has got a background as transparent as the story the Western Pine Association is trying to feed us, and that means one thing: you can put this shady cook over whatever image you like, but he still stinks. Stinks, like crooked money and the scumbags that make the ads for the Western Pine Association. Watch your backs, people. We're through the looking glass here, people.

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