Up Your Decor - Like, wrist, man!

Hey decorators! I know what you're thinking. "I can't be a decorator! I have poor decision making skills!" Well, I've got a decision you need to make: Don't be such a poop!

Everyone loves animals, and this interesting hallway makes sure that you see an animal staring back at you every time you walk out of your gift wrapped bedroom. "Good morning, Mister Most-of-an-antelope's-head! How are you today?" Every time you open up your pink and orange checkered door, it's like opening up a gift with a piece of a woodland buddy inside! Don't miss the grandfather clock with a strategically small face that makes you climb it just to see what time it is! There's your morning exercise, right there! You can pretend you're shinnying up a tree to escape whatever made your woodland wall-friends!

You'll be thrilled to have the blues in this engaging living room by exciting new interior design up-and-comer Flavia Swumefort. You can luxuriate your evening away, leaning on the rich Corinthian column, or lounging in the rich Corinthian chair. There's even a side table upon which you can place a rich Corinthian object! Neat! You won't mind the hours you'll need to spend here, trying to figure out how to vacuum the walls and ceiling in this little slice of your blue heaven!

"Good afternoon, Mister Bond!... at least I think it's the afternoon! Hahaha!" You won't know what time it is in this cozy dining room with walls covered in decadent black vinyl and chrome flashing. The recessed can lights in the ceiling will give you all the light you want... if that is indeed what you want! The warm invitingness continues with the snake skin chairs and intricate "Three Circles and Two Squares" painting. Your guests will simply be dying to be murdered at your next murder hosting... especially if your friends are snakes! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Ho hum! What a boring room, right? No carpet on the ceiling, and the chairs are merely bright blue, Not a paisley to be seen! The only thing to keep you from killing yourself with boredom is the fab painting that ties the whole thing together! Let's get a load of that art in the next picture!...

Load, gotten! Like, wow! Have you ever seen anything so complexfully simple? The arrows point to the wrist as if to say "Hey, man. Wrist!" Plus, they match the genuine velour ottoman and some kind of Chinese thing on the coffee table! Like, wrist, man!


Michelle_Randy said...

I love laughing at the decorating choices of my ancestors SO MUCH. Keep 'em coming.

My mom had a ton of these cookbooks from the late 60's/early 70s and the photography in them is....I don't know what. It's these Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks.

CEMaine said...

Stripper poles in the dining room. When do we eat?

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