Doctor lessons.

 Joke #1 - "So, as you may have surmised from the distinct odor, abdominal distention and overall pallor, the patient not only cannot be helped, but also represents a total waste of our time, is a stupid jerkwad, and probably won't live out the week. Please take note as I gently break the news in such a way as not to upset him."

Joke #2 - In landmark fourteen-hour procedure, with the combined skills of six surgeons, man undergoes world's first Total Excision of All Monies. Three months later, the treatment was deemed a success when he was re-examined and found to still be completely money-free.

Joke #3 - Patient requires six doctors to explain to him why he cannot afford the services of any of them.

Joke #4 - "This patient's volume desperately needs up-pumping. Doctor Christian Slater, I believe you have some expertise in this area?"

Joke #5 - "Hm. The patient seems to suffer from 'manic almond joyosis'. It is my professional opinion that, sometimes, this man feels like a nut.  By way of contrast, let us examine a Mounds, which don't."

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Anonymous said...

Joke #6 - Photo from failed 1983 black & white comedy "Stripendectomy", starring Eugene Levy (foreground)as "Dr. Sphinctrol", & (center L. to R.) Jim Carrey, David(Squiggy)Lander, & Jon Stewart as the wacky interns, trying to explain why the Moe Howard wax figure had no pulse.... Movie was pulled before release, giving Jim Carrey his break on "In Living Color"...

Mr. Fancy AllIGotPants_2

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