Our Man In Space - Spaceball!

Got another old sci-fi book cover for you, from 1965. Get ready to see someone's man in space! Who's man?  Our's man! He's in space!

Here's a synopsis from me, after skimming somebody else's synopsis:

It's The Future, and there's this actor who looks exactly like the only secret service agent (who's dead) allowed to visit planet Troll, which is the only planet that won't let us join some kind of galactic federation. So, the actor guy is hired by Earth to impersonate the dead agent and sneak falsified information to the Trollians, because that would totally fool them into letting us join the Federation, which would be good, I guess. Turns out, he's been double-crossed by those sneaky Earthians! There's a bomb in his head that will probably go off and explode the planet Troll! What a bunch of space jerks!

Anyway, the cover art is great, as usual. So great that you probably want to use it for your summer cookout blowout drink-em-up event blah blah blah, yeah yeah, I'll get right on that. Hey! Get the Graphic Blandishment and Photoshoppery Brigade in here, on the double!

Okay, guys, you know what to do. Text goes out. Characters get separated. Hop to it.

The background was so obstructed, it was just easier to paint up a reproduction. Here's a blanked version of the book cover, basically as it was on the book. Stick this where your hard drive's sun don't shine.
Click for 1600 px.

Now let's get fancy. As long as we were there, we basically made a little Our Man In Space kit. Background and characters as separate elements so you can mess with it all you want. Here's the space background:

Click for 1600 px.

Here's the Man in Space, fighting the spaceball with a turntable for a mouth. He's also got a spiffy racing stripe. I kind of think I'm rooting for the spaceball. He seems pretty cool. He's also a PNG, with an alpha channel background. That's a fancy way of saying "transparent", so you can put this image over any background you want, if you've got some kind of graphic software. You're on your own there. We can't do everything for you.

Our Man is just barely keeping those tentacles out of his thigh nozzles. God knows what will happen if they find their way in there, but if you've seen enough Hentai, you can probably guess.

In space, no one can hear your dopest jams.

The P.A.G.G.B.P.B. did a fine job completing the missing parts of the floaty saucer thing and Our Man's other foot. They almost deserve to get the afternoon off. Almost. Get back to work, worker bees!

Lastly, here's a layer of "scrub". That's the part of the book cover where the ink got worn away over the years. You can use this to make anything look old and crappy. PNG with alpha. You're welcome!


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