Red Checkered Suit

For those of us trapped in 1969 with no idea what to wear, Esquire comes to the rescue again with this red and navy (although it looks black in the photo) checkered suit.

Maybe you absolutely must know everything about this suit? Here you go:

Notable points in the description are the fact that the lucky devil wearing this suit will enjoy comfort "without sacrificing style", and the price, which was $165. A quick stop at the CPI inflation calculator tells us that's the equivalent of... let's see, carry the one...

Aah, there we go. A thousand FutureBucks. If you think about it a certain way, someone buying this suit is saying "I would literally rather have that suit than have (the 1969 equivalent of) a thousand dollars in real, actual money."

Were there people in 1969 laughing at the gentlemen who paid $165 for this suit? Hard to say. When you consider what was going on in '69 (which was more or less the wheels coming off of every corner of American society), anybody who wasn't simply walking around naked would have a hard time getting stared at.

Unfortunately for those who are into status symbols (you know: people who shop at Lord & Taylor and simply must have the latest thing and use the word "couture" without irony) there was no way for everyone to know you paid the modern equivalent of a thousand dollars for this suit, without just leaving the price tag on it as you walk around. And that would simply be tacky! We mustn't be tacky.

What is tacky is combining the triangular pattern on the tie with the checks on the suit. Oh my, Mr. Granite. What were you thinking?


Mat Black said...

I think Mr. Granite bought that suit with the intention of snagging the part of Sky Masterson in an amateur production of Guys and Dolls. His expression betrays the fact that he'd settle for being cast as Harry the Horse.

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Hah! Nice Guys & Dolls refernce, Mat! Harry the Horse? That's a deep pull. You would have lost me but for the fact that I worked on that show in college, building scenery and working on the running crew.

Thanks for reading!


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