Ansco Plenachrome - Guaranteed pictures like this!

Just in case you'd forgotten that we live in spoiled times... we live in spoiled times. Your pocket wondercomputer is also a more capable camera than 99% of any camera available for any money in 1950.

However, your smartyphonecamera doesn't use Ansco Plenachrome film, which sadly means that you are not guaranteed to get snapshots like the one in this Ansco ad. Bummer.

Tilda. Melting the hearts of snowmen everywhere.
From what all the photography smart people say (well, type, anyway), shooting well in winter is tricky. The snow had lots of subtle shades of tone, all crammed way up there in the upper range of  colors that you could call "nearly all white". Adjust your metering properly for that, and any person in the shot who isn't Tilda Swinton will have skin tones that are probably all mashed together down near the "way too dark" end of the scale. But if you get the skin tones right, the snow will be all blown out to pure white.

That seems to be what this Ansco Plenachrome is aimed at fixing. It claims to be able to capture many subtle variations in tone, which would help in challenging lighting conditions. Cool, cool.

When a photography company is choosing the photo for their ad, they choose carefully. After all, it represents the aspirations of the target audience. The promise of what you - yes, YOU! - can achieve with their product.

That's why the kid on the left is a bit... surprising.

Yep. Of the many many photos taken for this ad (one would think), this is the one that was the best. The one with a young Elmer Fudd with a blow to the head... probably courtesy of a wascally wabbit. Just think what Ansco Plenachrome can do for your little Nobel Laureates!

"I wonder if I made the tenor's solo too adagio?"

Strangely, the dog looks like he's composing an opera in his head.

But you know what? We're the real winners, here. We've got little Fudd's face to use as our personal avatar in whatever chat service/forum/social time-sink we're into at the moment. That's What Ansco Plenachrome guarantees us: An avatar that lowers others' expectations of us. You're welcome!

Click for 1000 px.
Okay, fine. have one of the dog, too, if that's what you're into. You're still welcome, I guess.
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