These Savage Futurians - Hey. Why so savage, Futurians?

Today we have another Terrific Sci-Fi paperback cover. This time, it's 1967's These Savage Futurians, a book about a time when human civilization is near collapse, and for some reason, clever people with curious minds are persecuted and driven into hiding. By looking at the cover, it's about Gil Gerard, who is imprisoned inside a really huge atom, which is carried around by a gigantic blue guy. Then some Futurians come by and say "Hey, Bluey. Why be such a jerk to Gil?"

As anyone whose watched Star trek can tell you, in the future, everyone will wear their pants tucked into little boots. That's how you know the book's story takes place in some kind of future where Earth's trouser-tucking technology is pretty advanced.

I might actually read this book. It looks kind of interesting - especially for 1967, when science fiction was, err, shall we say "slightly skewed for the stoned reader who likes things to move slowly"? Amazon's summary gives me a little hope for These Savage Futurians, though:

Don't think new thoughts, don't improve anything, don't wander over the next hill. These were the commandments for the men and women of the experimental village - one of those careful nurtured settlements established after the collapse of world civilization. The rules were made by the benevolent Masters of the Island - and they had to be obeyed. To disobey was to be destroyed. But Robert Ventnor, villager with a dangerously high quotient of curiosity, was the exception. He fled - and evaded liquidation. But he fled right into the hands of THESE SAVAGE FUTURIANS and thereby supplied the key that could blast apart civilization's second chance and destroy the world once and for all.

What kind of topsy-turvy hellscape would it be if willful ignorance ruled the land, and there was a widespread mistrut of anyone who seemed "too clever"? What would a presidential race look like in such a time? Good thing that will never happen! Go watch Idiocracy again and tell yourself it will never happen.

Anyway, this cover painting is so non-specific and vague it could be used for just about any book. Don't believe me? Listen to me now and hear me later. Stand back....

What's that? Think you can do better? Get some!

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