Midol - Which are you?

Good morning, citizens. It's morning, here in Earth, but we are here to help. Maybe you think everything's fine? Gosh, that's too bad. Think for a second about nearly anything.

Okay, how about now? There we go! Now we're here to help! Let's get helped!
But first, an old ad. Crazy, huh?

Midol! Yeah, baby! No one is sure what this stuff is for. I even asked Mister Owl. That guy is useless for nearly everything except candy-related mysteries.

The ad copy mentions feeling all of these things...

-Dismalness (Who doesn't?)

-Periodic pain (Pain comes and goes, I guess, right?)

-Some kind of distress ("Menstrual?" Sounds like men cause some kind of problem. Sorry about that!)

-Cramping (Maybe you went swimming right after eating?)

-Headache (Oh, I get these, for sure!)

-Backache (Careful putting up those Christmas lights!)

-Jumpy nerves (Isn't that what nerves are for?)

-Bluesyness (Sometimes I wish I could pull off "the blues", but nope.)

So, whatever this "Midol" stuff does, it sounds like it's really good. It seems to fix everything. I kind of want to try some.

Anyway, whatever's bugging you, we're here to fix that with one of these two avatars. One looks really bluesy and the other one is the exact same Peggy looking like everything's fine! If you're bummed about whatever, the bummed version of Peggy will sympathize with you. If everything's great, the "bright" version of Peggy will help to keep you nice and deluded.

You can use these avatars as your profile picture on some kind of FaceTube or chat system or Netscape Webcrawler thing.

Thanks, Peg! We're all welcome!

Click for 1000 px.

Click for 1000 px.


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