Post Card - Bob-O-Link Drive-In

Welcome families of all ages, to the Bob-O-Link Drive-In, where choice steaks are a specialty and landscaping is who-the-heck-cares-about-landscaping. Please seat yourself just about anyoldwhere in our bright and also cheerful dining area and your waitress will be by to call you "honey" shortly. She's Betsy. In the meantime, don't forget that the placemats gots a flipover maze and other activities on the back just for the kids ta do. Here's a crayon fer that.

Located at the junction of routes 31 and 46 in Columbus, Indiana, we know you could do just about anything hereabouts - look at the stop sign, use the parking lot to calibrate your bubble level, oh gosh, the possibilities are pert near endless! That's why we're glad you chose us, and we feel that shows in the service we provide, with a smile, don'tchaknow!

Today's specials are the usual. Please try one of our fully air-conditioned steaks and our clean, friendly restrooms which are a must (not musty! Ho-ho-ho!) for your sanitation and grooming excellence and stuff like that!

Thanks such a bunch for your partonage and please do have a come again to the Bob-O-Link, and don't forget to say a big "howdy-do" to our Linky Bob, out there on the sign, you can't miss 'um, for sure!


Marc said...

This predates Columbus, Indiana becoming a world renowned architectural mecca. I wonder if the Saarinens ate here while planning the local church.

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