Up Your Decor - Very Vorbia!

This boy-friendly bedroom from Flotsam House is just perfect for little Frome and Vrint to unwind after a long day of being warehoused at their nearest public school! Frome enjoys the bright, cheery atmosphere provided by the dark colonial furniture set, while that little scamp Vrint gets ready to rumpus around by destroying Frome's hard work and spilling the snacks everywhere! Frome will have his revenge decades from now, when he's an urban planner and Vrint is a carnival worker who keeps asking to borrow money. Screw you, Vrint! The lime green walls are delightfully contrasted by the lime green carpet, and both are accented by the lime green and blue fabrics! Your little Visigoths are sure to have a hard time calling "sack time" with this fun bedroom to sack!

What's for dinner? Bright, airy color! That's what, stupid! Nothing goes with lime green like orange, or, as I like to say, "orange: the other lime green"! Two delightfully intimate alcoves make grilling and washing up feel as private as frying and tidying! The handy hidden pantry keeps all your meal-fixin's within easy reach - everything from Rice-A-Roni to Hamburger Helper! Good thing the cabinets and appliances are the perfect color, because you'll never ever, ever, EVER want to change them!

You know how you always like to watch yourself undress on certain days? Well now you can, every day, with this mostly mirrored bedroom by Eros of Omaha. The bedroom sink's mirror reflects the mirrored wall opposite, so when you slowly bend over to douse your face... "Whoa! Someone's been working out!" Everywhere you look it's just you, you, you. Your various lovers won't know which you to grab first! The bed is elevated on a fourteen inch mirrored plinth, so your ankles can admire themselves. Keep on top of world events with the state-of-the-art info-musement center, featuring an eight inch black and white television that gets up to six channels, medium-fi sound system, ash tray, and two-knob command center! You may never need to leave the bedroom again, except for some kind of health screening!
Well, hello good-lookin! Who are we? That's right! We're me, Vorbia, in my own bedroom, trimmed in green velour and royal blue! That's my cherished husband Glertrom planning our next Pancake party. The walnut woodwork keeps it light and breezy in our voluptuary! Oh Glertom, just invite everyone and come to bed, silly!


Michelle_Randy said...

I think my sister and I had those bunkbeds when we were kids, minus the Visigothness.

I wonder what part of Modern Day Land's current fixation on either a)shabby chic or b)mid-Century modern will be laughed at by those currently in diapers?

Ypek said...

Looks like something went very wrong with the Star Trek holodeck computer. Seven of Nine only wanted to experience what a “cozy” family home feels like…

PhilAreGo@gmail.com said...

Looks like something went very wrong with Seven of Nine!


Thanks for reading, Ypek!


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