Old Forester - This is Formula 1?

Seemingly, every whiskey wants to be "Old Something". As Alert Readers will notice, it's child's play satirizing the "old + n" Whiskey name formula. This one is old forester. What's that got to do with Formula 1? They found a way. "This is Formula 1".

Since this is Advertisingland, we can probably assume that the team that won is celebrating with a snort  of Old Forester. However... since when does winning any kind of F1 race find your car in the weeds, nowhere near the track?

Looks like The Stig's Rather Drinky Uncle is having an Old Forester kind of day, which consists of an Old Forester kind of morning, and and Old Forester kind of lunchtime, and an Old Forester kind of mid-morning-early-afternoon, and... etc.

Well, at least he's got that nice lady to hold him up.


Mat Black said...

I think the car (and possibly the driver) were fabricated in Lego by those three Danish hippies. The woman is an appreciative groupie.

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