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Today we present a challenge to the Phil Are GO! Joke-Getting Assault Squad (JGAS), our hand-picked group of the most charitable and sympathetic staffers. Their task? To figure out why these are comics. It sounds easy, but man, nothing could be harder or less funny. Do you think you understand why these comics are comical? See if you can Spot The Joke! The JGAS's analysis is posted after each "uncomic".

Both of today's joke challenges come to us from the August 10, 1968 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.

Theory #1 - The weight and fortune telling machine, by necessity, has the power of prescience. It is concerned for the man's feelings, because he is about to bowl the worst game of his life. This is funny.

Theory #2 - The weight and fortune telling machine has information about an imminent terrorist attack on soft targets, such as bowling alleys. This is funny.

Theory #3 - The man found the card in his pocket. It is from his wife, who wants him to be home in time for dinner. The machine is non-functional. The reader is left to assume he got the card out of the machine. This is funny.

Theory #4 - Knowing that bowling alley managers dislike unsanitary lanes, the machine has warned the man to avoid them. It did this because the dark spot on the machine indicates to us that the man has just urinated on it, thinking it is a toilet. This is funny.

Theory #1 - The woman cannot tell if the man is the Burgermeister Meisterburger, or the Heat Miser, but definitely a Rankin-Bass character. This is funny.

Theory #2 - The woman is wondering why the man is out jogging, and not in a grocery store, warning people not to squeeze the Charmin. This is funny.

Theory #3 - The cartoonist's name is "Shipu Ji Ji". This is funny.


Steve Miller said...

I got to pick the SEP cartoons, until they caught me at it!

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