Sho-Bar, Nineteen Sixty-Something - Bring granny!

When you're in New Orleans this holiday season, some time in the early 1960s, who would you like to be at your side when you stride purposefully into a strip club? Correct! Your wife, who is probably someone's grandma!

Over the years, Sho-Bar has moved a few times, but we'll (well, someone will) always have a soft spot in our hearts (probably) for the original location at 228 Bourbon Street, which opened in 1948. This post card has no date on it anywhere, but it looks like the photo could have been taken some time in the late fifties or early sixties.

But it hardly matters, because there's one thing that never goes out of style, and that's forcing your wife - who's probably a grandma - to sit next to you as you ogle Brigette Boudreaux. Just look at all those happy faces!

One thing's for sure: The night this picture was taken, absolutely none of these men were in any trouble at all when they got back to the hotel.


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