Are The Beatles a Menace to our Kids? - The Lowdown Magazine, July, 1964

In July 1964, Completely Legitemate Journalistic Outlet, Reliable Source of Horrified Outrage at Sexuality, and Reliable Source of Sexual Content, The Lowdown Magazine blew the lid off the hideous plot to destroy our youth and undermine all of Western Civilization known as The Beatles.

First, the cover, unretouched and exactly as it ran in '64. The Lowdown would only be made less funny by any Photoshopped attempts to make it funnier. Admittedly, whipping cults are now required by the CDC to wash more regularly, so that's one debt of thanks we owe to The Lowdown.

We now present the complete Beatles Expose', for your scandalized enjoyment. You know the drill with images: click it to big it, baby.


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