Honor House Products - Records your voice at home!

You might think, at first glance, that this record recorder was made by Hohner, the famous musical instrument company, but nope, there's no "H". It's "Honor". Also, there's a "House" after it, so, really "Hohner" doesn't look much like "Honor House" at all, really.

Anyway, yeah, recording records at home  sounds kind of fun, if you're stuck in 1964 and there's three channels on your TV. But just like your inkjet printer, they could give you the device for free and still make money off of all the ink / blank records you'll be buying over the next three years until the thing breaks.

I have a bunch of old radio recordings downloaded from Archive.org, and I now have to wonder how many of them still exist thanks to nerdy people with home record recorders like this one, sitting next to their radio, with the mic' shoved up against the speaker. Plenty of those old radio shows definitely sound like they were recorded not from an original broadcast master, but rather from an inexpensive microphone inside a plastic bag stuffed into a dead raccoon... shoved up against the speaker.

Anyway again, hey, clip art lady! She has a sassy attitude and deserves to sass around on your hard drive for a rainy day. Here you go. I need another coffee you're welcome or whatever grumble grumble.


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