Mavest - Oh, no, nipple guy.

Hi, everyone. Ready for a nice, easy shoot today? The client from Mavest had a mixup with the schedule, so they can't be here. So, yeah, it looks like this shoot will be nice and simple. Hey, we may even be done by lunch! Okay! Let's hit it.

What's that? Wait, wait. Over here, Terry, I can't hear you.

Okay, what's the problem with the model? The flu? Sonofabitch. I knew it would be something. What about a replacement? You did? Oh, Terry, I could kiss you! You're a marvel! Who'd you get?

Grant Wakeforth? That name sounds familiar. Grant Wakeforth, Grant Wakeforth. *Gasp* Wait! You got the nipple guy? Terry! Whyyyy??? Well of course he was available! He's the guy who ruins every shoot by fiddling with his nipple! Mo-ther-fucker. Shit. You know his real name's Gibby, don't you? Jeez, what a wanker. Wups! He's here. Okay, here we go. Let's just get through this.

Hi Grant! Thank you sooooo much for coming in on such short notice! We're all really excited to be working with you! This is Terry. Let her know if you need anything. The wardrobe rack is over there. One of those jackets should fit you. You're a 42 long, right? Great. We've got one of those.

Okay, Grant, looking good. The jacket really suits your sideburns. No, don't you DARE shave them off, ha ha! This jacket is kind of a works-for-any-occasion type of thing, so we want you to look like you're free and relaxed, and ready for any fun event that life throws at you, because that's what Mavest is offering men. Confidence. The confidence to look good anywhere. Sound good? Aaaaand go!

Yeah, that looks, um, good, Grant. Umm... yeah... just a little less... well... Please don't..... uuh.... Okay, well, we've still got lots of film. Okay, let's change it up! You've got your knee up on a tree stump, and someone is telling you an interesting anecdote, and your Mavest jacket is right there with you, looking sharp.

Wait. Grant, just give us confidence with a little less of the.... uuh.... nope, that's not what we.... oh come on.

God dammit, Grant, Would you PLEASE stop caressing your nipple, you fucking weirdo???

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Jim Dee said...

That's some great light placement though.

Steve Miller said...

Hate that font.

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