NuAce mounting corners - Clip arts.

How do you market those little adhesive paper corner things that (sort of) hold the pictures in your photo albums (until they completely don't)? You show the customer a few serving suggestions how they might enjoy their photos so they go "Oh yeah! I do like looking at photos." And, don't forget to come up with a pointless mascot made of your product, for some reason!

Meet Sir Cornerlot. He has a sword, and is gallant, or whatever.

There's lots of useful clip art to be salvaged form this ad. Let's get on that, post haste. We'll just blank out the text and make these people slightly more re-purposeable, shall we? We shall.

See? Aren't they nice? What in the world could they be looking at? Oh, the usual...

You're welcome!!!!!


Steve Miller said...

2 or 3 thumbs up!

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