Couple new shirts - Quisp, WMET, X Ray Specs

We've just put three new shirts on our Spreadshirt shop! Unless you're at least a little bit old, they may not make any sense to you.

Quisp used to be is a cereal that is hard to find now. It first appeared in 1965, and it tasted a lot like Cap'n Crunch, but with a little more vanilla flavor, and a lighter crunch that was much less likely to reduce the roof of your mouth to curtains of torn flesh flapping in the breeze of your breath than Cap'n Crunch.  Man, Quisp was good. Plus, it had has a cool alien on the box. Here's a direct link to that shirt. Shirt type and color is up to you.


WMET was a rock station in Chicago from 1979 to some time in the early eighties. Unlike WLUP or WCKG, they played a broad variety of rock. You could hear Led Zeppelin on any of those three stations, but WMET would play Rainbow, or The Tubes. They're gone now, and you can't get their promotional shirts anywhere except Ebay, in which case they are used promotional shirts. Great.
They used to look like this, and you can get one in our shop, if that's what you're into.

Because this shirt's graphic was simple enough for Spreadshirts vector interpolation to understand it, you can change up the color of the print to whatever you want, in addition to the shirt type and color.


X-Ray specs. Everybody's seen the ad in the back of old comics and magazines, but only those gullible enough to send away for them felt the sting of disappointment upon realizing they were not x-ray, and barely even specs. Anyway, this is the iconic illustration that was used to decades to rip off trusting kids in search of superpowers. You can also change the print color on this one, in addition to the shirt type and color (of course).


At the moment, Spreadshirt is only displaying the men's version of this one for some reason. We'll update the link when we verify they're figured out how to run a website.

UPDATE: Since the design was uploaded minutes before this post went live, the page for that shirt is "too new" to display properly. We'll check back tomorrow.


Steve Miller said...

I listen to WXRT when I visit the Stinking Onion.

I do need the X-ray sex shirt, though.

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