U.S. Gypsum - She's impressed.

Aaaah, gypsum! Is there any part of your life that hasn't been improved with the miracle of gypsum? While you're working on that question, here's a free Graphic Gift of an impressed lady!

Yep, she's blown away by the smoothness of her new walls, since they're not plaster applied to a wooden lath substrate with a trowel. Wow! Such dirty talk for so early in the morning!

Anyway, she's pretty funny. She could probably be a nice addition to your ever-growing Graphic Gift collection on your hard drive of choice. Howzabout we pop her out of her ad and give her an alpha channel background?

Click for 1600 px PNG.

Yeah, there we go. She could be impressed with just about anything you care to position her next to. With her original word bubble in place, she could even deliver a compliment to a particularly deft bit of public grace. See?

So, we'll also need to have a version of her with her "smooth" in place...

Click for 1600 px PNG.

There. Oh, she could have ever such wonderful adventures in your Graphic Blandishment application of choice. What will you do with her?


Jim D said...

you took the flyspeck/beautymark off her forehead! Thanks. That's what I call considerate, proactive customer service

Steve Miller said...

"That's what she said."

Sorry, I live in the past

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