The Baby Show

Joke #1 - "As you can see, they're pretty useless to start with, but in just a decade or two, he'll be able to do a few chores or light housework, if you can convince him to cooperate. At sixteen, he'll probably wreck your car and somehow find a way to resent you for it. And after that, there's the cost of sending him to college. So anyway, whaddya say? Do you want one?"

Joke #2 - "Back already? You only get one baby a week, you know."

Joke #3 - Though it broke their hearts to see him this way, Don and Judy would come to visit every week until their baby was released from prison.

Joke #4 - "Gosh, I'm sorry, folks. He's usually much funnier than this. He has been drinking a lot, though."

Joke #5 - Madam, is this the baby that robbed you?

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Anonymous said...

Joke #6 - Bob & Brenda loved going to see "Intern Kevin's 50 Cent Ventriloquist Show" at the hospital on Friday nights, until they read about him in the police blotter, and then realized he wasn't really an intern, and they weren't really puppets...

Mr. FancyPunchAndJudyPants_2

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