Pointy Tree Day Gift Tags... again!!!! Easy lazy jerk reposted existing content post .

Everybody loves those mornings when you don't have to scramble to try and think of something funny at six in the goddam a.m., am I right, people? Here are our free Pointy Tree Day gift tags for you to print and put on your gifts and probably explain to your baffled family! Hooray!

PTD gift tag FAQ:

Q: "Are these new ones?"
A: Nope! Sure aren't!

Q: "Aren't these the same ones from a couple of years ago, and probably a few years before that?"
A: Boy, are they! 100% completely recycled post-consumer content!

Q: "Isn't that kind of lazy?"
A: You bet! You're welcome
Q: "Uuh, I didn't thank you."
A: That's okay! You're welcome!
Q: "Are you even listening to me?"
A: Shut up! You're welcome!


Steve Miller said...

Lazy reader intends to use these again this year.

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