GE Automatic Laundry - Convenient drudgery.

Joke #1: "Dear Sexual Stereotype magazine. I've never written a letter like this before, but just the other night I was in the basement ironing clothes for my husband when a funny thing happened…”

Joke #2: In the years of the post-war boom, middle-class Americans enjoyed many luxuries of the automatic age. Worries of household mishaps became thing of the past, thanks to new technological wonders. Here, a happy housewife reads her mail while having her leg reattached with the help of her General Electric MagicSurgeon.

 Joke #3: Here in the modern, liberated fifties, women are free to live out their dreams as never before. For example, while her husband is out playing golf, Jeannie runs her own her basement laundry service, which helps to bring in extra cash for those little things that make life more pleasurable, like a new set of golf clubs, for example.

Joke #4: In the modern home of 1952, lame or crippled persons are no longer a drain on society. This one-legged woman has been installed into this home laundry press, where she can live out a happy, fulfilling life as an integral part of a marvelous ironing machine.

Joke #5: In the modern press-putton home of the future, as envisioned by GE, time spent laboriously buffing your knees in the past can now be used on more enjoyable activities, thanks to the new General Electric Patella-Tron.
Joke #6: “Dear Gary, I know you cannot understand what I’m about to tell you, but I feel that I must try, if for no other reason than to put my mind at ease. I’ve always felt that our relationship was based on honesty, and I still feel I owe you that much. I’m leaving you for the GE Automatic Ironer. I know what you’d say if I told you face to face: ‘This is crazy’. That’s why I’m writing you this letter. You see, for many months I’ve……”


Dave Pryor said...

I digg those square washer/dryer doors.

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